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BMW Dealership Locations

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Our BMW Dealers


Great customer service! Service was done quickly and professionally. My service was very nice and she did all she could to ensure my experience was a pleasurable one.



Very much appreciate the level of customer service from Baron BMW. Working with Ryan in service has been a pleasure every time. He is extremely considerate, attentive to details and keeps us informe...



Jeff Meyer, service advisor was excellent!Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and confident. This makes a comfortable experience that you and your auto are in good hands! Bravo!

Tony “HL”


Just wanted to say that the buying experience was excellent! The staff was professional, pleasant and a pleasure to work with. Mike Gallo is an awesome salesman! Thanks all!

Roblox Seen Time


Prompt, courteous and professional service at a reasonable price. Thankyou Mr. Tyler for your assitance, courtesy and professionalism. No time wasting, in and out as promised

David K


I took my BMW 528i in for service. I was provided a loaner while my vehicle was being repaired. My experience was awesome, I was given red carpet treatment. My service advisor Shane is an exceptional ...

Carol Brown-Pena


Awesome experience. I arrived late and was offered a drink and a cool place to wait They took care of me as efficiently as possible. There’s a reason I travelled 7 hours here.

Pranay Sheela


Went in to get my airbags replaced and walked out with, new oil, and a Free yes Free diagnostic check. Excellent services form Wes Wilson and team will be going back if I need anymore repairs done and...

Penn Nyagaka


How can you NOT love BMW?? This is my first time owning a BMW (X3) and I absolutely love the car. Then came the recalls (three to be exact ??) and the closest dealership to me was in Annapolis. The ...

Shannon Payne